Diploma in Sport Management

The Diploma in Sport Management is a professionally oriented academic programme that aims at providing a professional qualification that can be built on to obtain a Bachelor’s Degree.

The principal unique element of the qualification is that practical modules are built into the courses that make the programmes hands on and prepare students directly for a career in various aspects of sports management.  Student may also use the qualification to gain admission at various universities both in Ghana and abroad.

The program will teach students the core skills to enhance their careers prospects, whether they be a student fresh out of school or someone wishing to upgrade their qualifications.
This diploma will teach students an understanding of sports and atelic development, how to produce sporting information and research, spectator management, social media tactics etc. and gain skills in legal aspects of sports, managing diversity in teams, team motivation as well as sourcing for and managing funds/ finances.

The Diploma in sports Management programme is designed to train and equip such operations with the tool and procedures that will enable them to utilise sporting strategies, concepts and techniques for effective and efficient sporting decision making at all levels in any organisation.
Successful completion of the diploma in sports management will provide students with a pathway to most of Zenith University undergraduate degrees or position you to seek employment in sport events, player management, or sporting, recreational clubs and professional organisations.

i.                     Sports Marketing

ii.                   Sports Human Resource

iii.                  Sports Journalism

iv.                 Sports Accounting

v.                   Sports Law

vi.                 Sports Finance

vii.                Sports Information System


Career Opportunities

The DIPLOMA in SPORT Management program should provide employment prospects to work with sporting teams, clubs, players and organizations.  Job roles such as competition manager, program developer, talent development manager, sports venue and facilities manager and sport development manager in business and non-business organizations in both the public, nonprofit and private sectors of the economy as well.


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